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 RJ Tide is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and Minorities are encouraged to apply.

RJ Tide Employees Enjoy the Following Benefits:


Competitive Pay - Our employees work hard so providing a competitive wage and benefits are what allow our company to retain highly skilled talent. Our talent pool drives our success.


ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) - Ownership is something that few individuals experience. Here at RJ Tide all our employees are owners. The company's success is their success. We feel that every employee should share in the fruits of their labor.


Health Insurance - After an introductory period, all employees are eligible for our health insurance plan. Coverage is also available for spouses and family. The company even covers a portion of the premiums.


Life Insurance - Every employee in our company is eligible for life insurance. RJ Tide pays 100% of the employee-only premium so that you and your family can rest easy if the worst was to ever happen.


Employee Retention & Job Security - Our work here at RJ Tide goes all year long. We take pride in not laying off our employees so our employees can continue to put food on their tables. We know that our employees still need to provide for their families during the winter season. Our experienced project managers find the work necessary to keep us busy through the cold weather.


PTO (Paid Time Off) - Time off from work is important in keeping a healthy work-life balance. Here at RJ Tide, we provide Paid Time Off to all employees after an introductory period so they can spend time with their families and relax.


Direct Deposit - Hassle-free Pay Day!! No more losing checks in the mail or trips to the bank. All of our employees are required to sign up for direct deposit. No more wondering when you will get paid. Paychecks are automatically deposited into your bank account each payday.


Company Events - Building a team is essential to a successful business. One way we do this is by hosting company events such as our annual Christmas Party and other company outings where employees can come together and not have to worry about picking up a shovel or hammer. Having these events allows our employees to share laughs and stories, to bond and get to know members of other crews.


Certification & Education Opportunities - Learning is a key component to being successful. Every employee has a different level of skill set that can be taught to others on our team. Whether these opportunities occur in a classroom or out in a field, RJ Tide encourages all employees to continue to learn new skills to be successful personally as well as professionally.


Diversified Team - No matter where you come from or your background, RJ Tide hires individuals who are ambitious and committed to doing their best work every time they step out on the job site.


Strong Leadership - Our current leadership team is one of the best in Siouxland. Many years in the construction industry and managing successful projects from start to finish ensures a bright future for RJ Tide Construction Company. We are always looking for the next great leadership team for our organization. 


Advancement Opportunities - We always encourage our fellow owners to move up within the company. As long as you are willing to listen and learn, our experts will guide you down the path you seek.


Safety Incentives - Safety is our #1 priority here at RJ Tide. Nothing is more important than keeping our fellow owners safe and making it home to their families. We discuss safety initiatives each week and hold more in-depth safety meetings each month.


Employee Referral Bonuses - Obtaining high-quality candidates is important. Our fellow owners know what it takes to be an RJ Tide employee and what better way to reward them then by bringing more qualified candidates on board.